Monday, January 22, 2007

Help me save time!

Can't believe it's been like a month since Christmas! I'm like freaking out here. Time is going by too fast for me.
The problem is, I'm wasting my time every day.

Here's a normal weekday for me:
Wake up 7:30-8:00 am, eat breakfast, do a couple of chores
9:00 am-12:00pm School work
Afternoon - eat lunch, dance ok go or HSM, watch a movie, work on my quilt etc...

and all of the sudden the day is over. It's starting to freak me out. I spend too much time on the computer - it's where I do my school-work, and I have a habbit where I have to look up all these things on the internet, so all my time goes to that. Will somebody pinch me everytime I try to get on the computer? PLEASE? But then the other problem is, I try to stay away from the computer, but then I get bored. My mom and Noah take a nap from noon - 2pm, so it's just me and Tashi. We could go to Daiei, DisneySea, or Ikspiari, but those are like the only places to go and they get boring. You know? I have no classmates except Tashi, and I have friends from church or whatever but their time-schedules are different than mine (they have lots of homework, or after-school activities etc...) So I don't know what to do...anybody have any suggestions?

Vanessa & Ashley

(above:I told you I was working on a new quilt in my last post, right? Well, here it is. This is the first block.)

(above:)This is what it will look like when I've made a whole bunch of blocks, and piece them all together. I didn't make the quilt above, it's just the exmaple quilt on the cover of the instuction book.

Ashley Tisdale

(above: Mia eating a kaki - a persimmon)
(above: Mia being crazy and eating a peanut butter sandwich)
(above: Noah pouting because I got mad at him for touching the lense on my camera when I was taking his picture)
(above: Noah - Banzai!)

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