Sunday, January 21, 2007

Crazy Weekend

Like I said - weekends are crazy!

Friday afternoon we met up with my dad in Roppongi Hills and ate Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! Yay! Yummy! I got Apple Pie A La Cold Stone flavor - OMG so good!

Then we met up with Anna and hung out at the Temple annex for a couple of hours. We drank a whole bunch of pop and McDonald's.

Then we went to the temple, and Maika and Mitsuho came. It was Anna's first time, so she was nervous.

After the temple, I hung out with Maika & Mitsuho at the temple annex, and I taught Maika a little English. And then the Nakagawa's drove me home.

<- This is how I felt about the last posting!
<- This is how I feel about this posting!

I added that one green flower on the middle row, to the very right, to my grandmother's flower garden quilt:

A close-up:

Aly & AJ

So I got home really late on Friday, but my mom woke me up at 7:45 am on Saturday morning, and our dad drove us to the station so that we would get to the Tokyo Dome Quilt Show right when it opened. It's the biggest quilt show in the world, and the most crowded! We looked at most of the quilt displays and shopped our hearts out at all the booths. Can't ever have enough repro fabric! But it one booth, I was trying to get to the back corner, but every time I tried to get there, somebody butted in front of me. But then I started getting pushed on all sides! I thought I was going to suffocate so my body started to panic! But my mom pushed people out of the way for me and I was able to get through. We didn't get home until 5:00 pm. We ate McDonald's for dinner we watched Hannah Montana. And I cleaned under my bed a little bit - have to work on that more tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and while we were at the quilt show my mom started having contractions, so she has to start resting now. And she told me that she wouldn't be able to play the piano during sacrament meeting, so I had to practice last minute last night!

Emily and Mitchell

So I played the piano during Sacrament Meeting today. I did okay practicing at home, but once I get up there, my fingers start to shake from nervousness and they get all tangled up. Oh well, everybody said they didn't notice my mistakes...but are they telling the truth? My dad is in the High Council and so he visited youth Sunday School and YW. In Sunday School we had an activity where you wrote your name at the top of a paper, and passed it to the person to the right of you. Then they drew the shape of your face, then the mext person drew your hair, then the mext person drew your eyes...etc...and when it got back to you, you had a picture of your face drawn by about 10 different people, and 3 good qualities about you written below the face. People said I'm fun to be around - Yay!

My face looke like this:

But I think Maika's face was the best - some of the YW were using colored markers, so people's faces came out colorful. But I didn't...I look really serious...and I don't have a top for my head...sad...

We had New Beginnings after church. There was lots of Foooooood!


maika said...

Your face that everyone wrote makes me very happy!!

3 good qualities about me that everyone wrote is
"your face is funny"

What did you said!?。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

tashtash said...

maji ukeru... Warai ga tomaranai.