Monday, January 15, 2007

January Weekend

Hey everyone! It seems like I'm the only blogger that only updates on weekdays - my weekends are way too crazy to update. But that's when other people seem to update.

I changed the layout - you like?

Livin' The Rock Star Life

So anyways, friday night my parents went on a date to Monsoon Cafe. And while they were gone, we watched the Hannah Montana episode called "New Kid In School". It's the one where TV star Jake Ryan starts to attend classes at Seaview. All of the students & teachers are starstruck (Except for Miley) and cater to his every need. After being mistreated and getting into trouble for the same things that Jake was allowed to do, a frustrated Miley decides to tell everyone that she's Hannah. Stern Robbie lets Jackson take his brand-new convertible out on a date when his car refuses to start, but only after instructing Jackson to not let anything happen to the car. Robbie wishes that he hadn't been so strict, however, when he accidentally damages Jackson's car.
It's one of my favorites! You'd have to watch it to understand. Like the quotes:
Jake: Now, look, I know my coming here may be a distraction, since I am, well, you know, a superstar and Tween Magazine's hottie of the year.
Lilly: (Gasps) I framed the cover!
Jake: Me, too!
Lilly: I hung it in my bathroom!
Jake: Me, too!
Lilly: Oh, my gosh! We have so much in common! We both love you!
Bree: Hi. I'm This Week in Hollywood's Bree Yung Shin Takahashi Samuels. We're doing a story on Jake Ryan's return to a normal life. Do you mind if we get a few shots?
Mr. Corelli: Not at all. How's my hair?
Bree: Doesn't matter!
Miley: It was a secret. A really good secret that kept my whole life perfect, and now it's gone because I wanted pancakes in class.

Robbie: I just wish you would've thought of that before you invited that reporter over.
Miley: Me, too. I made a mistake. I'm a teenager. We act without thinking and we get zits. It's what we do.
Robbie: So, uh, any idea how you're going to get yourself out of this one?
Miley: Daddy, that's your job. You're a dad, that's what you do! How are you gonna help me if you can't even keep up?


Anyways, on Saturday, my dad, me, Tashi, and Mia went to the pool. Mia's still afraid of the water, but she's learned how to use a kick-board and she taught a younger girl how to so she felt very proud of her self. Mia and Noah are hilarious lately. Mia wanted me to play "guess which cup it's in?" with her, and so she put a tissue in a cup, and put it face down, along with two other cups. But all three cups were different, and the tissue was sticking out from under the cup - so funny! And Noah calls himself "Nona" in a third-person-point-of-view. His latest thing is "Nona dood it!" (I want to do it!)

Then we went to Costco, and bought some stuff. The cheese pizza there is so good! We made it home just in time for the new Hannah Montana episode, "Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free". It was pretty good.

Sunday I had to go to early morning seminary at 9 am, then sacrament meeting my dad gave a good talk, and the stake president was there, and then we had Sunday School, and YW. THEN, after all that (4 hours of church), Brother Yoshihashi drove me, Maika, Asami, Kousuke, and Yoshuya to Adachi ward for a Youth Conference planning meeting. We were there for about 2 hours, and then Bro. Yoshihashi drove everybody home again, and I was one of the last people he dropped off, so that took another hour. So I left for church at 8:45 am, and got home at 6 pm - whew! But when I got home, my order from American Eagle was here! Yay!

I got it on clearance for $9.95 - I luv American Eagle!!! And I actually got something else, but it's a special birthday surprise for a friend. You like the shirt?
Now I just have to save up a little money for the shorts below...$39.50 - if I wait until it goes on clearance, they won't have my size anymore. Just size 00 and 18...

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