Friday, January 05, 2007

Quilt and Babies

I'm going to have fun this year!!! Yay!!!!

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I've been working on my flower garden quilt. I'm using lots of reproduction fabrics from the Depression Era so it's very retro-looking. I really like it. I've tried to make it look very 30's-40's. What do you think? This pattern is called a "Grandmother's Flower Garden", and is made up of hexagons. It was a very popular pattern in the 30's (I learned a lot of quilting history from my mom). In this quilt, one side of a hexagon is about 1/2 inch - very small - so the making is slow. I'm doing it all by hand (this pattern you have to do by hand). I came up with the yellow hexagons inbetween.

This is what the quilt top looks like now
A close-up
My newest block that I need to put a row of white hexagons around - it's so cute if I so say so myself.
I have 2 new cousins!

My mom's baby sister had her second baby and daughter!
Name: Eliza Hess
Born: Monday, New Year's Day, about 6:30 PM
Weight: 8 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 20 inches long
Mom: Micaela (my mom's baby sister) Dad: Travis
Older Sister: Hannah

And my dad's baby sister had her 3rd baby and son!
Name: Cole Jeffrey Russon
Born: Wednesday, January 3rd, just after midnight
Weight: 8 pounds 0 ounces
Height: 20.5 inches long
Mom: Gina (my dad's baby sister) Dad: Jeffrey
Older Brothers: Jacob & Benjamin

Both babies had the cord wrapped around their necks, but besides that things went smoothly, and both moms and babies are healthy!


Grandma Stout said...

I haven't seen your blog for a long time. It was very fun to see what you have done on it. Your quilt is beautiful and I can see my first grandchild is very, very talented. You are very pleased to have two new cousins, I see. I am glad you are over being sick. Sinus infections are the worst. I wonder if you will have a baby brother or baby sister--your mom says it is still not definite. I find it interesting that you will be in the class of 2010 (that is a good year). You are wonderful Lexi and I love you very much!

My name is Lexi said...

Thanks Grandma - I want to know whether it's a boy or a girl too!