Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Dress

Isn't my grandma cute? These are pictures back from 1968. I'm wearing my grandma's dress for my wedding. My mom wore her grandma's too, so so I guess I made a tradition.

I love the train. The only problem is I haven't tried it on yet. It's at home with my mom. The lace has yellowed a bit, but the temple approved it so I should be good to go. And me and my grandma are pretty much the same size and it fits Tashi. I'm not too worried.

And I'm not wearing because my family wanted me too or because of a family tradition. But it definitely saves a lot of hassle.

And now that my grandpa just passed away, it means so much more. Things are speeding up and I'm getting so excited! I can't wait to try on the dress!


Mary said...

Im sure you will look lovely.. just lovely!

Amber Marie Steen said...

I love it! :) and i love that you made a tradition out of it. I think it is so special!! :)

My name is Lexi said...

Thanks guys! I can't wait to try it on!