Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball Shirts

These are the shirts that Jena ordered for the girls! They were dang expensive, but SO worth it because they're so cute!
I love the glitter. And the last name on the back ♥


Gina said...

I just barely realized you will have the new last name of Price! Crazy
When I got married, jeff's aunt told me how happy she was for me to not have the last name stout anymore. She thought the name was hidious. I didn't know how to react... but now I know what I would have said... if only I could go back.
We have some prices in our ward, I wonder if there is any relation. probably not.
love gina

My name is Lexi said...

i like stout. but it would sound horrible if i hyphenated my name: stout-price. haha
he says he's related to most prices in utah