Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I haven't been updating because I've been doing some of this ^

Yes, it's finals week. But the best part is I only had exams on Monday and Tuesday. I'M DONE! Now I get to sleep in, exercise, and go to work if I really want to. No more homework or papers for 4 months! I just want to sleep now. Whenever I go through a semester of college I feel like I can do anything! My GPA should be high enough to keep my scholarship for next year! It's unreal that I'm leaving on Saturday. And the internal struggle of wanting to be home already with my family and not wanting to leave Bear for 3 weeks is never-ending.

I'm officially finished with my first full year of college! Only 2 more to go! Is it weird that I'm excited for next year already? I love that my summer is 4 months instead of 3 like in high school. Now to pack and spend lots of time with Bear. I love him.

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