Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love him

I don't want to bore you with blogging about Bear all the time, but I am engaged after all and I feel like he definitely deserves a post to himself.

If he says he's going to be there at a certain time, he is. If he says he's going to do it, he will. If he has a responsibility, he does it. If I ask him to do something, he's already on it. Poor guy, I am kind of high maintenance. He does have his limits, but he does work really hard for me and he's really selfless. And he has gotten me out of quite a few scrapes.

One of these scrapes started with me and Rachel going to Burger King for lunch. I had to go to class right after and then noticed I didn't have my phone with me. I used Haylea's phone to call Bear and he took me back to Burger King. I was afraid that I had thrown my phone away with my tray. I figured that since it had only been a couple of hours it would still be in the trash. But no. They have a health code rule to take the garbage out every hour. So we had to go check the dumpster. Well the dumpster was 10 feet high. And it was raining. And we weren't even 100% sure the phone was in the dumpster. But Bear got down into the rainy garbage for me. AND my phone was on silent to help things out. We did find it though! And the rain hadn't gotten to it and there was hardly anything in that garbage bag so it didn't get and food or drink on it. It was a happy little miracle. Because I couldn't afford buying a new phone right that second. He made me quite happy that day.

Just like he does everyday. Our senses of humor are a little bit different, and so we misunderstand each other sometimes and can get out feelings hurt easily. But we still laugh a lot. I love him.

And we're going to southern California for the summer after we get married! Bear's going to sell door-to-door pest control stuff. Our cellphone, $500 of housing a month and $150 of gas money a month are all paid for us. So it's a good opportunity to save up some money. We don't know where we're living in the fall, but our plans are to come back to SVU at the end of August. This is exciting for me because I didn't want to get stuck in BV while Bear was at work all day all summer with nothing to do. One of Bear's teammates Andrew - the one that told him about the job - will be going there this summer with his wife Brandi too so I will know at least one person. And there should be lots of church members down there too. And now I'll be able to say that I've lived on the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, and the Rocky Mountain area. All 4 time zones. I'm quite excited.

The SVU baseball team is 25-4 right now. I'm so proud of them. Bear is doing a good job. He does better when I can go watch him play at a home games though haha! Who knew I would marry a baseball player? I love him.

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