Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watched Over

My family has really been looked out by Heavenly Father for the past few daysPhotobucket
^ (this is Tash, me, and Jordan)

My aunt Jill posted this about my cousin Jordan:
"Jordan was in a car accident last night, but luckily, nobody was hurt. He was out doing missionary splits, and they were hit by a sweet older woman in her 70's or 80's. She didn't see them coming and pulled out from the stop sign, clipping the tail of the truck as he was going 60 mph (speeding up to avoid her) down the highway by the Benjamin exit. The truck actually turned around 180 degrees and ended up on the other side of the road. They almost went over the drop-off, but stopped just in time. If Jordan hadn't seen her coming and sped up a little, she could have hit the passenger side further up where the missionary was. There were several other cars in the area, and it was good that no other cars were involved. Everyone was wearing seat belts. He feels that they were watched over."

My grandparents were on their airplane to Chile for their mission when the huge earthquake hit. The plane turned around to Miami and now they are waiting in Dallas. They were a few hours away from being hurt, killed, or stranded. Not only were they lucky in not being there during the earthquake, now they will be able to help a lot more when they get there!

And other such small incidences in my immediate family too. I know these are not coincidences! If you're doing what's right, you'll be watched out for. Especially with missionary work. Once again, I love missionaries


Emily H said...

Love the blog. It is looking adorable! So glad Heavenly Father is watching out for them. Love you and miss you!

My name is Lexi said...

thanks, aunty em! i love you too! i wouldn't miss you so much if you would come out to nauvoo :)