Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Really, all I want to spend money on my wedding is: my dress, honeymoon, and photographer. Those are my necessities.

My parents got married in the morning, and went straight to their honeymoon. After being gone for a couple of weeks, they came back for the reception. They said it was way less stressful, and recommend it to everyone, though no one has taken their advice yet. But I will. I can see how you want to get it all over and done with in one day, but it gives you more time to get everything for the reception right. And it seems like when you cram too much into one day, bad things are more likely to happen. And nobody's exhausted or having meltdowns. More time to relax and focus on you and your groom and close family before you face the rest of the people at the reception. Who cares about the other people, right? haha

And I want to go somewhere very warm and beachy for my honeymoon. I don't want a super long plane ride or a ton of jet-lag though. Let me tell you, that can ruin a whole trip. So maybe somewhere in the Caribbean? Hawaii might be too far...

I want Gloria or Heather to be my photographer. Keep it in the "family". Haha Gloria's my second mom. Take a look at some of their skills.

I just want simple classy pearl jewelry. They can even be fake for all I care.

Gah. Shoes are important to me. And I love the lace at the bottom of her dress

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