Saturday, February 06, 2010


I want to get married in the Nauvoo temple. But the Rome temple sounds pretty nice too. If the Rome one gets done in the next 4 years, I'll be yearning for that one. The assignment says how much will it cost? It's for FFrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee! (from Bedtime Stories) And no, it will not be a minister/priest/justice of peace! It will be a sealer :)
And I want to have my reception at the Nauvoo House if that's possible. But if not, and if it's a good time of year, our backyard. And no liquor at my reception!
And I want a light blue, pink, and white wedding. With a sort of Japanese theme. Pink cheeryblossoms and blue and white china sort of thing.

I like these 3 cakes, and I love the bouquet below:


Amber said...

I really like the whole theme! =] i Love the cakes!! it certainly screams LEXI! =] i love it.

My name is Lexi said...

i'm having a hard time finding light pink and light blue though. turquoise and bright pink are more trendy right now i guess