Sunday, March 07, 2010

The medical field is not for me

My anatomy class went on a field trip to the University of Iowa to look at some of their medical stuff on Tuesday. We handled plasticized organs - they were a lot smaller than I thought! We looked how they find out somebody's blood type. We looked at the CSI side of it too (looking at blood cells through a microscope). It turns out there's all these behind the scenes people in the medical field. And all of them kept reminding us how they would never lose their jobs no matter how bad the economy gets (but who knows with this health care bill...) There are robots that do surgery now! (I guess I'm behind) We also looked at how busy the blood testing center was. They had millions of dollars of equipment to test the blood in one room. Some people there mistook us for third year medical students haha.

The bus ride was long, but we got Arby's so it's all worth it, right?

Well I was thinking about it. I am definitely not going into the medical field. It fascinates me, but I couldn't handle it professionally. I do love my anatomy class, though.

And I've tried and I've tried, but I guess Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be an athletic person. I love exercising and being healthy, but...

I'm also thinking theater isn't for me either. Which limits my options for college. I feel very caught lately, or stuck between being treated like an immature teenager and treated like a single adult with a ton of responsibility.

And I have been up to my ears in scholarships. Gah

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Mary said...

Welcome to adulthood. As time goes on you will have to make hard decision that will not only effect your life but that of your husband and then latter your children. Thank goodness for the holy ghost to guide us. Learn to listen to the spirit and you will never be lead astray. Best of luck in all your life changing decision.