Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ring and Dress

I want a simple feminine manicure, no extreme colors or fake nails

And I want a ring with a silver band (gold is ew). But I can't decide if I want a square or round cut diamond. And I just want the big main diamond in the middle.

And I've narrowed my dress choices down to 4:


(i like the old-fashioned lace)


(I like the A-cut-line on this one - but it is a little trendy)

3. Choice 3(I like the bows and the chapel train, but it might be a bit much)

4. Choice 4 (It's the simplest and cheapest, but I likethe sleeves)

The two above wouldn't let me copy the pictures, so sorry about that.

Tell me what ya'll think!


Gina said...

I think that sounds fun what you are doing. I would like to plan my wedding over agian. I wish we didn't do a wedding luncheon. And put the money towards the reception to have a neat formal dinner, for close friends and family. I didn't appreciate the wedding reception line. I wish I could have just been part of the party! I felt put away in a corner having to talk to all of these people with many awkward moments.
Have fun, this is the perfect project for you to keep you busy and put off your spring fever.

My name is Lexi said...

i'm just glad that i'm not doing it for an actual school project and don't have to use actual bridal magazines and plan it all non-mormon style. and it's not super fun cuz it's not for the real thing, i think it's a big waste of time unless it's for the real thing and your dreams get squished but it's nice to see how much work goes into it, ya know?