Tuesday, February 02, 2010

as good as it gets

I have been known for my downward spirals. When I get overwhelmed/stressed, insecure, unconfident...etc (you get the picture), I start thinking about everything else wrong in my life. And I usually can't pull myself out of it and make everyone else depressed with me. AND these past two days have been a figurative slap to the face. And I keep wanting to go cry and mope and let the world know (my emo side ha). And I finally decided to let it go and be bigger and stronger than that. And I feel much happier than I would've if I would've moped. I'm all for acknowledging your emotions and not pushing them deep inside of you. But now I realize the need to let go and move on. I've always admired the kind of people who do that. But what's the point in admiring them if you don't try to become like them too, right?

When you're at the top, remember what if felt like at the bottom. When you're at the bottom, remember what it felt like at the top. Good doesn't last forever. Neither does bad.

Tragedies happen.
what're you gonna do, give up? quit? no.
you’re still alive.
cause you are, and that pain you feel: it's life.
the confusion and fear.. that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better.
and that something is worth fighting for.

anyhow..I'm fine, I mean not that I'm over it,
but little by little, it's getting easier to pretend
it's easier, which means easier might be right
around the corner..
--gilmore girls


Emily H said...

I can see that. It's good to acknowledge your feelings, but not dwell too much or too long. Just remember all the people that love you and how awesome you are!

Anonymous said...

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