Sunday, February 22, 2009

Elinor and Marianne

Nick gave me all of Jane Austen's books in one for Christmas. So I'm finally starting to read the first book, Sense and Sensibility. I've seen the movie so many times, and love to play the songs on the piano. But honestly, I have never read any of Jane Austen's books. That's my new goal. To read all of them. They're so beautifully written. I'm only 2 chapters into it, and I relate with Emma the best. But this part reminds me of me (Marianne) & Tash (Elinor) so much:

Elinor, this daughter whose advice was so effectual, possessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgement, which qualified her, though only [sixteen],...She had an excellent heart; her disposition was affectionate, and her feelings were strong: but she knew how to govern them: it was a knowledge which one of her sisters had resolved never to be taught.

Marianne's abilities were, in many respects, quite equal to Elinor's. She was sensible and clever, but eager in everything; her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation. She was generous, amiable, interesting: she was everything but prudent. The resemblance between her and her mother was strikingly great.

Elinor saw, with concern, the excess of her sister's sensibility...

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Emily said...

I have been wanting to read them all too. You are inspiring me to do so.