Saturday, February 07, 2009


This is my favorite show right now. It's funny, without it being horribly vulgar.

Sean makes me laugh so hard.
Gus: Was that guy trying to help me? Because I feel really creeped out right now.
Shawn: Dude, he put you on the creepy train headed for creepy island where the creepy natives drink creepy nectar out of creepy coconuts...

I love the "Gus, don't be a __________" quotes from Shawn. He says one pretty much every episode. Here are few of them:

-Giant Snapping Turtle
-Rabid Porcupine
-Incorrigible eskimo pie with a gooey caramel ribbon
-Gooey Chocolate chip cookie
-Paranoid schizophrenic
-little girl

Shawn: Sorry Dad, this is like a genocide of color. Somewhere a rainbow is weeping.

Shawn: Wow... Dad. Tell me you're wearing that shirt because someone has to spot you from space.

We like Lassiter. He looks like a leprechaun.
Lassiter: I'm going to crack her like a bad back


Nick said...

Lexi dont be a Paranoid schizophrenic!

GRodenberg said...

looks like i need to start watching it! when is it on?

My name is Lexi said...

it's on usa on friday nights 9 & 10 pm, and then it repeats the 2 episodes at 11 & 12 usually

GRodenberg said...

i don't know if we have that channel- i'll check it out!

Emily said...

I really like this show too. We have always liked Monk and then found out that Brock likes Psych, we figured it must be good. I love when Sean calls Lassiter, "lassie." Hilarious.