Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book of Mormon

I've been reading the Book of Mormon everyday for one of my 10 hour projects for Personal Progress in Young Womens. I read 5 pages a day, and I started at the beginning of January. I'm at the end of Mosiah now. I've only skipped a couple of days so far and I made them up so I'm not behind. I've been so busy lately, I sometimes feel like I can't find the time. But even though timewise it's impossible, I somehow have been able to get everything done. It's kind of crazy. Seminary teachers speak the truth when they say if you read your scriptures before you do anything else, you will always get everything else done too. I believe what my seminary teacher said now.

There's so many little truths and things in the Book of Mormon that you forget about. It helps calm me down and when I'm having a bad day, I've noticed it will get better the second I say a prayer. Yes, reading 5 pages a day has helped my day to day life. It doesn't even seem like a lot to read anymore. I'm reading the New Testament for seminary too. I think I've read over 10 hours worth by now, but I'm going to finish reading and maybe start over again. My mind is able to focus on what it needs to instead of the gross yucky things people talk about at school. I'm able to tune it out.

Anybody else want to do it with me?


rachel ives said...

i am doing that too for the new virtue project. I am in Helaman! I read a chapter a night. Hey how do you do you background so cool well how do you put the picture on the side what template is it? I want to copy you just with a different pic! :)
-rachel ives

GRodenberg said...

good one! i have gotten out of the habit. So I am in!