Friday, February 27, 2009

Just my luck

I have a 3-day weekend ahead of me. To not worry about the musical, school, or teachers. I can quilt, talk to Nick, earn money from doing chores, and have fun with my family.

We got out early because it's girls basketball state this weekend. There was a student bus going to the game tonight. I was so excited to get out at 1:30! Then I heard it was moved to 1:20. I forgot my purse and homework because it was a crazy morning. But my teacher understood and I was able to manage without my purse, miraculously. So we were in our last class counting down the minutes. And because we combined schools, some of the students, including me, live 30 minutes away. And when we have early days like this, the principal won't let us out until the buses are here. Because I didn't have play practice, I was going to ride the bus home. My evil teacher told us she wouldn't let us leave until we got the intercom from the principal. Well he decided not to give us the intercom, and use the bells instead. But our teacher wouldn't let us leave at the bell. Well like 10 minutes later we start getting calls and texts from other kids asking us where we are because they've been out of class for a long time and they can't find us. Well we're not supposed to have phones in class, so we couldn't say this to our teacher but we started suggesting "can we see if people are in the halls?" and right when we went to the door, and teacher came and said, "you're still in class? we've been out for 15 minutes!" so we run out to the halls, and they're completely empty. Everyone is gone. I was worried about my bus, so I ran to my locker. A girl stopped me and said my bus had already left. Most of the teachers were gone too. All the kids in my class lived close-by to the school and couldn't drive me home. In a panic I called my dad asking me to come pick me up. He wouldn't be there for another 30 minutes, it looked like they were locking up the school, and it was freezing cold outside. My dad got upset because it wasn't my fault the bus left me, and he couldn't pick me up because my mom was using the only working car, and she didn't have her cellphone on her. Joseph was sitting all by himself too. I wondered if he had missed the bus too. But then his mom drove up. She saw me abandoned and told me they were going to go run errands in Q-town, and could drive me home after they were done. It was my only option. I only had my phone, coat, and Jane Austen collection book with me. I felt like an orphan child. I had no other choice. I fell asleep and read my Jane Austen in the car. And I ended up getting home at the time I would normally get home if it was a normal day. My friend noticed and mentioned how I've been having a lot of bad luck lately. But I did get home safely, and like all my other bad luck, it always works out in the end...

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