Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yay! I get to post about Gina!!!!
She is my mostest bestest friend at my high school right now. Maika will always be my best friend. Always. They are a lot alike, actually. Gina and Maika.

And Gina just got a blog!!!
->Let's go to Gina's blog<-

My mom took pictures of us with her new camera.
She made us look fabulous. ahaha

These were taken out at this place called White Mountain out by Gina's ranch in the middle of nowhere. Literally

She slept over at my house all last week even though we had school. We are best buddiez. We talk about everything. The sad thing is we only have 1 class together at school. We went to Grantsville together, we help each other with our chores.

We laugh our guts out and be crazy all day. And we don't care about what other people think because we have each other.
We have so many inside jokes and bloopers. We always have crushes, but always come back to each other. I luv your freaking guts, Gina Goo!!!!

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maika said...

we are best friend always and forever!!!!

i want to meet Gina!!((o(>▽<*)o))
will you come to japan with her?