Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Journey to Toole County

Well I don't have pictures, but me and Gina drove to Grantsville last Friday and slept over at my Aunt Gina's house. And we got to hang out with Brian and Kyle. We had so much fun and made so many inside jokes. Here's a list (I know you won't understand all of them, but I want to remember them):
  1. Pillow fight with Brian (me going flying - "ping, ping")
  2. Freeze-out in the car (Kyle and me wimp out, Gina dominates)
  3. Jumping off hills in Kyle's '69 bug (wrecking it oops...)
  4. Football - girls vs. guys making our only touchdown on Kyle's trampoline, Gina knocking Kyle down, me diving onto the tramp
  5. Pinch pinch, pinch pinch, pinching Kyle's back to the tune of "High Ho" (Gina - "what Christmas song is that?)
  6. At Sonic - Brian - We want the BIGGEST size you've got - "we only have kid cups"
  7. The license plate game - MHF (Midol helps females ahahaha)
  8. Tickle wars - tickling Gina to death
  9. You're my best sidekick I really kneed you - "ouch!"
  10. "Oh look, DIRTIES!"
  11. "You have 600 lockers in your school?", "No, more than that"
  12. *Gina walking into boy's locker room* Brian - "where are you going?"
  13. Trying to steal STOP signs
  14. "Nucking futs!!!"
  15. Dirtbags, Dirtbaggage
  16. Back massages
  17. Volleyball massage - let it rip - go team!
  18. Oh baby
  19. Squishing people with the bean bag (Gina getting knocked over)
  20. Snowboarding down the stairs
  21. Kyle's mom's warning talk "Don't multiply...."
  22. Brian Reagan
  23. Breaking and entering - someone in garage
  24. Gina wearing Brian's snowboarding boots
  25. Dead man
  26. Kyle's little sister - "Talk to Kyle about that one"
  27. Fire hydrant game
  28. Trying to hit and bark at random kids on sidewalk
  29. Sanchez with no reflexes
  30. Cross Country ninjas, Gina - "What does the XC stand for?"
  32. Balancing on one leg and pushing people down
  33. Scratch and sniff part 1
  34. Chips and salsa
  35. Achoo! Bless You!
  36. The annoying lady at Panda Express
  37. Brian's parents - "why didn't you get us panda?"
  38. Kyle and my straws switched
  39. HURRY UP!
  40. "have fun on your date" "We're not on a date"
  41. Gina talking way too fast
  42. Japanese
  43. scratching Brian's head like a dog
  44. Soelberg's and subway
  45. Lexi spilling on Brian's sweatshirt
  46. funny lookin'
  47. Lexi and Gina spying up the stairs
  48. Hot guys! (compliment to you in a roundabout way)
  49. Orphans brushing their teeth in Walmart (Lexi and Gina)
  50. Me - "Why did you text me, Gina?"
  51. Stealing socks
  52. Brian trying to find my aunt Gina's house, Brian - "I forgot I made blocks"
  53. "I have to pee like a racehorse!"
  54. "I like to eat dead babies"
  55. Breaking the bathroom drawer
  56. "How's the weather?"
  57. "These shoes are $300"
  58. "I'm never talking to you again!"
  59. Gina - "I'm drooling on your couch!", Brian - "I don't care!"
  60. Jamming to Kyle's songs in Brian's car
  61. And finally saying goodbye :(

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