Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

I've had fun going to 2 different schhol plays this week. I will talk about our school musical!!!
Tashi was a villager and a napkin so grandma and grandpa even came to see. Haha Everyone asked me why I didn't do anything for the play, and I told them it was because I'm already in drama class, and I'm going to be in the school play, our class will be more centered on that while the chorus class is more centered on the musical. And our drama class had just done that short play on Halloween.
I actually wanted to be a silly girl chasing after Gaston, but I think the part fit Kember, DeniAnn, Mekenzie, and Rachae better ahaha
If you can tell from the pictures, it was Beauty and the Beast. The cast and crew were at school 7 am in the morning for practice, and a few hours after school. Tashi got very grouchy from her lack of sleep. The night before opening night, they had practice from 5:30 to 11 pm. Yikes!!!
We had a double cast, so there were good and bad parts about the different casts, and it wasn't amazing because we are a low-budget, 2A school (it was nothing compared to the other school play I saw this week), but I knew all the people in the cast because our school is so small. So it was funny to see almost everyone in our school going up and saying their funny lines and acting totally different from how they usually do.

I loved "Jumbo" as the Beast, and Grant as Gaston. *sigh*
It was sad to see everyone in the cast back to their normal selves at school the next day. That's what I love about plays. They're so magical. Can't wait 'til next year's musical!!!

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Aunty Em said...

What other play? This sounds like fun. You guys are really getting a lot out of your high school experience. My senior year, I was working a lot and dating a non-high school student so I was not involved at all. I missed out on a lot of fun. Never be a school grinch like I was that last year.