Monday, November 19, 2007

Emily, my mini-me

This is to my freakishly cute cousin, Emily.

She will be 8 years old next!!! I remember playing with her when she was a baby. She was so wiggly, you could barely hold her. And she would mimic everything you did.

Now that she's older, I swear she's my mini-me. And Emma (another cousin), is Tashi's mini-me.

Well, we went on this girls weekend up in a condo in Park City with some aunts and girl cousins from my mom's side of the family. and she was so cute and funny the whole time!!!

It's pretty funny actually, because she's the midpoint between me and 3 other kids at school. Brooke and Bryant, twins that are seniors at our high school and in our ward, and Rachae, who is my age, are cousins of Emily too, on the other side of the family. I'm kind of related to those 3 kids! Because Emily's dad is my mom's little brother, Paul, and they both went to the high school I'm going to now. And Emily's mom, Nancy went to the same school too. So her family and our family are from the same place.

But Emily is more like me. She kept saying the cutest things that weekend. My favorite is: "My heart is set on a manicure~"

Grow up to be cool like me, okay Emily?!

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DanGina said...

I want to grow up to be cool like you Lexie :D