Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn

Okay. I am doing this post on Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I have an obcession with him. I have to admit the only reason why I watch the movies is to watch him.

He is definitely the perfect man. My mom makes fun of me because he's so scroungy looking all the time. But he is drop dead HOT!

He's so humble and never thinks about himself. From the very second he meets Frodo, he's ready to defend him with his life.

There's so many times he could have given into the ring's temptation, but he didn't. And wouldn't let anyone get in the way of Frodo.

And how he doesn't force Arwen to stay with him and marry him, but encourages her to obey her father even though he loves her guts to death. And he stays faithful to her even though they're seperated and Eowen keeps getting in the way.

But he still lets Eowen know so nicely "I cannot give you what you seek"...*Lexi sighs*

And how he's supposed to be king, but he's so humble about it, and he's not stuck up about the fact that he's supposed to be king.

And he makes up the plan to make a diversion for Frodo while he's in Mordor. ("For Frodo!"
And he cares more about other people and being brave for them instead of being afraid of the unknown/death ("I do not fear death")
Oh, and at the end when he finally becomes king, he's not all high and mighty about it, he makes everyone bow down to the four hobbits ("My friends, you bow to no one")
Mom, I know the actor is as old as dad is but I don't like the actor, I like Aragorn.
Where can you find a perfect guy like this? If anyone finds one, please let me know...
Not very many guys are as manly but gentle to women as this dude is...
I'm going to go daydream about him. I'll do more posts later...

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Aunty Em said...

We (jokingly) had Aragorn on our baby names list for Andrew. I agree, he is a pure soul.