Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fiddler on the Roof

Here is the other play that I saw that I was talking about.
Noah and Eden, good friends I made over the summer, moved up to Provo before school started. They had done homeschool all of their lives, until this year! They're going to high school up there! Noah is a senior this year, his one and only year of public school.
So anyways, he got the main role in his school play - Fiddler on the Roof!!! He was Tevye! Me, Gina, and Sam (Sam's parents drove us) went up to his school after school on opening night.
Gina and Sam hadn't seen Fiddler on the Roof before - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! So I knew what was going to happen. But Noah was absolutely amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his friend. He had a crowd of people around him after the play. People who didn't even know him were freaking out at how good he was. His accent, voice, emotions etc...were perfect. You wouldn't think he was a high school student. And his dance - was perfecto. Every time we did it, we screamed like he was a rock star. After the play, I got him to do it for me and I recorded it...

Ahahaha this is Sam with his new Macbook Pro that he got for his 18th birthday from his parents. We took lots of funny pics on it on the way up to the play. Gina kept touching the screen with her fingers on accident, so he had to keep wiping the screen with his tie. ahahaha


DanGina said...

LEXIE!!! I LOVE IT!!! hahahaha that was SO much fun that day! Woot! I miss you so so so so much,i wish you were with me! LOVE YOUR GUTS GEE :D

DanGina said...

oh hey, who are those three babes in the top picture? ;) haha