Thursday, October 18, 2007

State Cross Country

This week has been so hectic...Friday's the last day of first term. I've been having humorous short stories to turn in in English, stupid all-day field trips for biology (and our teacher is perverted, no joke), final practices for our short school play, and state cross country. And all the homework and schoolwork I have to make up for those 2 days of school that I missed (for the field trip and state cross country)....and work taking up all my spare time. But the good news is....

our girls took STATE at cross country!!! We're #1!!!!

I didn't get to run because it's my first year and I'm JV, but I'll definitely run varsity next year. My dad's going to train me all next summer. And hopefully he'll be able to be the assistant coach. I got to cheer and scream my head off in the snow, rain, and hail. I got so muddy, and water sopped through my shoes top and bottom. My feet went numb, but it was all worth in the end because we won state, we got to go to Rodizio's, and I got to meet Gina's friends, Kyle.

I bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday. Some brown championship shoes and some 30's style black high heels. Both are pretty sexy.

But our coach is retardedo and went to Walmart before the meet and after the meet. And we all had to wait on the bus while he went into Home Depot for his own personal needs. And the mall was right next door! And he wouldn't let us go in! I was dang mad.

But eating at Rodizio's was amazing. Those Brazilian raspberry lemonades, fried bananas, all the grilled meat and pineapple you can eat...the bus ride home was fun.

Kelton bought this Halloween mask at Walmart and it was pretty nasty looking. A zombie alien looking thing. Then David wore it and slithered along the bus floor between the rows of seats, and slithered passed my leg. I screamed my head off, and of course all the boys got a kick out of it. And then a little while later Mac comes up behind me and asks me if it freaked me out. I was all like, yeah, and describing it in detail: "...and all of the sudden I look down and a mutated thing was at my feet..." and I scream again because there was another person below my seat. Mac and this kid under my seat were laughing their heads off, and I couldn't figure out who it was that was under me. It kind of seemed like Ben, but it couldn't be, it didn't seem like something he would do. But it was! And that fact was so freaky that I screamed again. Yeah, Mac and Ben were happy that they kept getting me to scream.

We get out of school early tomorrow!!!! Hurray for deer-hunt weekend!!!

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