Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Date to the Mall

I went on my second date last Monday. We got it off for "Harvest Vacation" aka "the deer hunt". I went on a double date with Mike, and Spencer took Gina. Amanda came too haha.

Spencer drove us, and we blasted rock and country all the way up to Provo. We went to the mall, and I bought this cute shirt from Hollsiter.

And Gina bought a cute purse at American Eagle. Then I bought the lemon lip gloss and cotton lotion from Bath and Body. That lotion smells so good - like clean sheets!
We ate lunch, then went and played lazer tag. Mike and Spencer bought new shirts because they got in a perfume and lotion war at Bath and Body and they smelled like girls, and they wanted dark shirts to blend in for lazer tag, so they both bought the exact same tight-fitting shirts. They looked kind of bad together. People were whispering about them ("Are they gay?" whisper whisper...). The first round, the guy forgot to turn on the glowing lights so it was pitch black. And that Pirates of the Caribbean music didn't help either. We did it guys against girls, and the guys totally dominated. Then we went back to the mall, the girls got $5 manicures, and watched Game Plan. It was pretty funny (Gina, "Go team!")

Then me and Gina laughed the whole way home. Some akwardness...but all in all it was a good date.

I luv you Uncle Adam, telling me not to smooch on my date ahahahahaha


Aunty Em said...

Like Adam has anyplace to talk about not kissing! Adam was a mack daddy (someone who makes-out a lot). His family had a rule: if you kissed then you had to treat the whole family to icecream. It was so embarrassing eating icecream with his family knowing that they knew we had kissed the first time that night. I didn't tell my family, of course.

Sounds like a very fun date. I haven't been on a date in many, many weeks.

My name is Lexi said...

a mack daddy haha
i'm glad we don't have that ice cream rule in my family. don't be giving my mom or dad any ideas though....AAAAAhhhhhhh

you must go on a date!

Micaela said...

Who was the kid you went out with, Lexi? Would I know him?

Sounds like you had fun!