Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life = Hectic, Homecoming = Fun

Life has been so hectic, it's not even funny. Between, work, homework, church and all it's responsibilities and activities, hanging out with friends, chores, school, Youth Court, and cross country etc...I'm barely juggling it all.
(above, left from right: Mike, me, Joey, Gina, Jessica, and Tyson)

State cross country is this Wednesday at Sugar House Park. I'm JV this year, so I don't have to run at state, but I get to just go and watch. And then go to the mall and Rodizio's afterwards. Hurray!!! But between the field trip for biology tomorrow, and state cross country, I'll have a lot of school work to make up. Aaaarrrrrgggghhh.
Anyhoo, do you like my Homecoming pictures? Notice my GIANORMOUS calves from running cross country. Mike asked me, and we went on a triple with Joey, Gina, Tyson, and Jessica. The boys made a steak, candle-lit dinner for us girls at Joey's house, and we watched Tuck Everlasting. Aaaaahhhhh

We were planning on going miniature-golfing, but we got the first snow of the year that day = it was freezing and snowy so it didn't work out. So we got all cozy at Joey's. Lots of funny things happened at dinner....ahahaha whatever happened at that table stayed at that table.
And me, Gina, and Jessica somehow all cuddled up on a recliner during the movie. We got so cozy and warm, that was the fuzziestest feeling.
Gina did my hair, and her older sister Mackenzie did my makeup. And I borrowed Gina's necklace and headband. My mom wasn't there, she was at a girls weekend with my grandma, all my aunts, and girl cousins at my grandma's house.
So yeah, and the dance was good too.
And the ice cream at Jesssica's house afterwards....

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Aunty Em said...

I love your dance pics! You look so Audrey Hepburn. Thanks for letting us steal your mom even on your first date. She said you probably wouldn't want her advice or help getting ready anyway. Sounds like you had plenty of assistance. You are so pretty!