Monday, October 22, 2007

A Love Like Lilly

Okay, this is like a really very muy mucho good book. The author came to our school, but I didn't have any money and wasn't able to buy any of her autographed books. And people say The Secret Journal of Brett Colton is better than this one, but I still like A Love Like Lilly.

I've just been feeling very happy about femininity lately. I'm excited to get married in the temple, have a family, and be mom. To make quilts for my family, cook yummy stuffs, decorate, and take pictures. Gloria, my mom, and Kelly are my inspiration.

I've had some experiences lately that have proven true to Gloria's steel magnolia talk she had with me when we went to visit her this summer. About how she didn't do anything bad, but she wished she would have saved more of herself for Mike, her husband. And how she wanted me to do the same.

And it's so true. Young Women are supposed to help young men honor their priesthood, and encourage them to go on missions. If you get into a serious relationship, it can affect their decision to go on a mission or honor their priesthood. A few dates here and there are fun. But nothing more. So for now I'd rather just have lots of crushes and flirt and not steady date and have fun. Besides all these high school boys have to go on missions anyways and things will be different when they get back. I might go on a mission, and I definately want to go to college. Who knows what will happen between now and then. So I'm saving myself and my Cinderella story for my future husband. I hope he's saving himself for me.

I love you Gloria, you're my second mom. Thanks for talking to me about that. And to quote A Love Like Lilly, "I am ready now. For anything and everything...."


Tashi said...


julie said...

the secrete journal... is way good i cryed

Aunty Em said...

I read in a YW lesson once that girls need to not just encourage YM to go on missions and honor their priesthood, but they need to be examples of how they should act. They need to keep themselves clean and pure to remind the YM what they want their future wife to be like and how they should keep themselves worthy of this future wife. Does that make sense? I totally agree with that.

And by the way, thank you for introducing me as Aunty Em. All growing up I wanted to be "Aunty Em" and you and Tash are the only ones that call me that. It makes me happy.

My name is Lexi said...

To Emily:
True, true.

I luv calling you Aunty Em. It fits you.

GRodenberg said...

you totally made me cry! Thank you, and know that I consider you like another daughter!!! you are the best!