Saturday, July 30, 2011

Popular Posts

So I just added a "popular posts" gadget to my sidebar. Some of them make sense to me because I can tell they are popular things that people would find through a Google search etc., but some of them downright confuse me. They were silly little posts I made when I was 14 or 15!

So I changed it to popular posts in the last 30 days, which I feel will tell more about me. I also changed the background. Do you like? I loved the cherry blossoms, but I can't pass up something vintage-y. Especially if it's a quilt. I just don't like that it's tied though. I also added a list of books that I just read or plan to read soon on my sidebar. Check it out.

I did survive Bear being gone. I will just need to get used to it. I'm finding so many fun recipes online and I'm itching to start being my own homemaker. I really want to make my own tomato sauce, ranch, and ketchup. And I really want to finish my dress.

I feel like this was kind of a useless post. But it's just where I'm at right now.

And this article made me really happy. Click HERE.

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Gina said...

lexi, speaking of backgrounds... I do like yours. I have one that I didn't even mean to have. I think somehow I copied and pasted on my blog from someone elses. I love that it says merry christmas. Problem is, I don't know how to change it.
I am excited for you to be in charge of your own homemaking. I will try that ranch dressing and put it in the kraft dressing bottle to see if my family notices and what they think. he he