Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Cal

So I decided it's probably about to time to talk about California.

I feel really blessed in my situation. We had a one week road trip honeymoon from Nauvoo to So Cal. The driving wasn't so fun, especially in "My boy Tercel". Tercel is Bear's little '92 used-to-be-green-now-it's-faded-to-turquoise Toyota Tercel. It has no air conditioning, which I somehow didn't know beforehand and I've never really experienced before either. It was horrible whether there was humidity or not. But we had no car trouble and it was running great thanks to my dad's wedding gift of fixing up Tercel before we left.

We got to visit lots of people in Utah that weren't able to make it to our wedding. That was fun but surprisingly exhausting. The place we stayed at in Salt Lake was really sketchy. I took Bear shopping at the Gateway and bought him some basketball shoes and good walking/running shoes at Foot Locker, lots of cargo shorts for work from American Eagle, and a black Louisville slugger.

I still need to learn to drive Tercel because he's manual. And really old. He doesn't have too many miles on him though. He should be good for awhile.

We stayed on the Strip in Vegas. It was a place that had been renovated and wasn't as sketchy as the places around it, but it was in a sketchy part of town. I was afraid of getting an STD just from laying on our bed covers. We were lame and didn't see any shows are ride the stratosphere or go to the temple or anything. We went to a nice breakfast buffet and to Olive Garden with one of Bear's mission buddies who had just gotten engaged...and watched TV for the rest of the day. We were wasted.

Let me just say the Mojave desert is really ugly. And not fun to drive through with no AC. But we arrived in Lancaster late afternoon on Saturday. The Fredrickson's are very very nice and gave us homemade sushi for our first night there. I thought that was a very good sign. And there's so many nice places to eat here in Lancaster. I like how they eat on the West Coast much better. So we've already been to church in our new ward and Bear started work on Monday morning.

It's the kind of job that's good for him because he's a very hard worker and very driven. He's really good at following directions and he doesn't get his feelings hurt easily. I'll just have to buoy up his self esteem when sales aren't going as good as he'd like. He's gone from 8:30-1:30 and then gets a 2 hour break and then doesn't come back til 9 at night. He has to walk a few miles a day in the heat. Luckily heat doesn't effect him and the new shoes help his feet.

Our room is really nice and I will post pictures soon, when my camera cord gets here. Bear has to make 20 sales a month, but he only has to get 10 this month because it's a half month. I feel a little weird because I've either been in school or working or both and now I just get to relax all day. It's nice but hard to adjust to. Bear's been very good to me and besides the bladder infection (that healed up quickly) and random spurts of "adjustment" crying, I'm very happy.

Come visit us if you're going to Disney Land.

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Rebecca said...

How long are you staying in Lancaster for?
and I'm sorry about the "adjustment" crying.....probs gna happen to me soon too!