Wednesday, June 22, 2011


^ I bought those pillowcases for me and Bear for Valentine's Day. They can finally be together now. You can buy more lovey dovey pillowcases, mugs, tshirts, and drinking glasses at Bold Loft.

Me and Bear are staying at the Fredrickson's in Lancaster. At first we were trying to find an apartment in the area, but all of them were at least 6 month leases. So we petitioned the bishops in the area and the Fredrickson's answered their bishop's request first. In a previous post I said we'd be living in their basement. I can tell you now that is not true. There are no basements in California. So we're living in the only bedroom on the main floor; all the rest are upstairs. Our bedroom is very lovely and my camera isn't doing it justice.

Kate re-paints and refinishes wood furniture and is a photographer. I'm jealous, because I would love to fix up antique furniture. I love her decorating and it is inspiring me. They even gave us the little TV which was in their room, which is very nice of them. The room is very "springy" and refreshing. Under the window is Bear's planning whiteboard. I'm going to learn her coupon-ing skills too.

So I only really have to keep our room and bathroom tidy and I'm not cooking any meals (I am helping, but I'm not planning the menu and shopping) I sometimes feel like a failure housewife, but I do enjoy the company and the skills I'm learning from Kate and her two cute kids. Kate's younger sister Kacy is staying at their house too, so it's nice to have another girl close to my age. I'm very grateful to them for letting me invade their space.
Here is Kate's blog. Click HERE.

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Mary said...

What a cute room. We lived in Huntington Beach and Sarah, my daughter, and her husband live in California. It is a great place to live. You make lots of great memories I am sure.