Monday, June 13, 2011

Frozen Custard

There are so many posts I was in the middle of and never finished because of wedding craziness. So I will start with Annie's Frozen Custard. I will eventually get to talking about married life, now that we're settled into California, but I left my camera cord at home and my mom has to send it to me today anyways. So back to old drafted posts...

The day after Bear got to Nauvoo we took him to Annie's Frozen Custard. I miss it right now. But I'm going to try and look on the bright side about all the good California food I'm going to get to experience.

I usually get vanilla with Helen's famous homemade raspberry sauce, but sometimes I like to have a change and get a chocolate malt or cream soda float. The picture above is my cream soda float.

I miss my Tash too.
If you're ever in Nauvoo, it's something you don't want to pass up. Between all the family and friends that came to the wedding (and needing them to experience pure joy from frozen custard), and need of a stress relief, I was at Annie's almost every night the week before my wedding.

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AinsleySmiles said...

I have definitely been here. I LOVED this place!