Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. 2010

The play is OVER! I was getting really nervous the opening day of the play during school. I tried not to think about it but kept getting the jitteries. The lady who did our hair was amazing and we had period authentic makeup. All of the sudden we looked good enough for a show. I think the picture below looks awesome!

The actual performance went much much better than our bad dress rehearsals. But we were still pretty nervous and tense. Aren't those fringe dresses awesome?

My off nights were full of dances. And dances are not my strong points. But it was still really fun. 20's dances are the bomb!

I loved my finger curls and didn't want to wash them out!

My mom made the purple office dresses. And don't you love the nerdy glasses? They're crappy sunglasses from Walmart with the lenses punched out.

There's parts of the movie and parts of the play I like. I don't like it when books/plays and movies are exactly the same.

Look at Tashi's ponytails! I love them! (She front row, very left)

I got a lot of flowers for being a senior. And we gave "Buster" the gopher to Maria. There were just too many juniors to choose from! It felt amazing to catch up on sleep.

The other cast that Tashi was in was amazing too. I was very proud of everybody. And I loved wearing flouncy Miss Dorothy dresses, and "modern" outfits on my off night. My hair wasn't really the "long curls" Dorothy is supposed to have. Oh, excuse me, I meant Miss Dorothy haha.
The final night was my cast and we did the best show our high school has ever seen. We were so hyper it felt like electricity was running through everything.
Check out the rest of the pictures on Facebook. And I'll post links to some videos my parents took on my camera in a later post.

I was really depressed after the play was over last year. I missed hanging out with all the play people and had too much time after school. I still miss everybody, but I'm still hanging out with them, and I have scholarships due soon and I have to study for the ACT. I'm a busy girl. I'm so glad I met all the people I did in the play, and the experience it's given me.

Today is exactly 2 months til graduation! Life is good.

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