Sunday, March 07, 2010

Solo and Ensemble 2010

Saturday was Solo and Ensemble contest. We had to leave very very early. Me, Tash, Eli, and Quentin coordinated our clothes to be black and white for our group. We sang the EFY medley and got a 2 - from the really really mean judge.
I did very good on my solo - the best I've ever done. And I nailed my scaled and triads too. Only Tash, Elle, Eli, and Quentin watched my solo because I went way earlier than scheduled. But it made it so I was way less nervous. And I got a 1! My senior year! I was so happy.

It felt so good to get the best rating for something I had been working hard for everyday. Lately I feel like I push myself and work hard and get crappy results. So this felt really good. Music makes me feel good. And winning feels good too.


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Congratulations, Lex! I wish I could have heard your solo.