Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay for Happy Day

Ooooh I'm in a good mood. I got an "A" in my college psychology class. I was so stressed to find out what my grade was today. I worked so stinking hard. And now I don't have to do the 5-page paper for extra credit like most of the other kids in my class. I got two of my finals back from Chemistry and American Literature and I got A's on both of those too. So my final grade will be an "A". And I'm done with my finals, and also my Christmas choir concert. So I was feeling rather jolly today.

And the fact that Christmas is almost here, I will be in Utah in 3 days, and I get to skip the last day and a half of school has me in good spirits. No more stressing over psych, no more studying all day after school, just packing up and getting giddy inside.

The only thing that dampered my mood was the last presentation in psych. (I did mine on Schizophrenia), this girl did hers on abortion. She was against it, just like me. But she had to show very very very graphic pictures of partial birth abortions. Like bloody babies in garbage cans. Um, let's just say I started silently crying and had to close my eyes. I'm already against it. This was not what I needed.
I didn't even know partial birth abortion existed until I knew Obama was for it. Just hearing about it made me cry and want to throw up. So just imagine what these pictures did to me. What is it with me and crying lately?!

But I tried to forget about it and it worked. Yay for the rest of my happy day.

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GRodenberg said...

Are you having fun in Utah? I thought about you all day Thursday! Say HI to Nick and have a fun Christmas! Miss you already! ps I love your music, it makes me type to the beat