Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

We got out of school early today!!! I cannot describe my happiness.

I had a horrible cold on Monday. I almost didn't make it home alive. I did my homework and went to bed really early. My dad even came in during the night and turned off my alarm clock so I would sleep longer and not go to seminary. I really didn't want to go to school today, but our semester exams are coming right up and we're reviewing for them and finishing up projects. So I had to go. I almost wanted my parents to come get me after 3rd period, because then all my important classes would be done with. But my dad is taking my mom to the airport 3 hours away. So that was not a possibility.

Our class was scribbling away on our study guides in 3rd period American History, when an office aid brought a note in. Our teacher gasped while she was reading. I thought somebody had died haha. She told us that we were getting out of school in 30 minutes and were to go straight to our next class. This certain teacher hates plans her lessons weeks in advance and hates it when things get in the way. So our study guides are homework now...but at least I'm not in school anymore!!! We were only in our 4th period class for a few minutes before they said the N-town kids needed to leave right then. It was only raining, so we didn't understand why we were getting out, but we didn't care as long as we got to go home!!!

But then the ice hit halfway home. Now I know what they mean when it doesn't really snow in Illinois, it just gets really icy. It's a really really wet snow that you can't play in because it's just slush, (and it never snows enough to play in anyways). But it starts freezing and turns into ice immediately. Icicles were already forming on my car and Eli had to hack at the ice on the windshield so hard. We all stepped into a pile of slush and piled in the Subaru. As I was stopping to turn onto a road, I was tapping my brakes, but we started sliding and couldn't stop. A car was coming at us from the side, and we were about to get t-boned. The car barely stopped in time, and as we turned onto the road, we fishtailed. I drove at 10 miles an hour the whole way home.

I got Mia safely home too. Okay, I'm starting to talk like a mom...
But now mutual is canceled too. I have so much time to work on homework. And school might even be canceled tomorrow!!!

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