Monday, December 22, 2008

Cozy, cozy

Life is good at Christmas time. This is the best Christmas present ever. I haven't been counting down the days until Christmas, anxious to open my presents. I'm enjoying each moment with my friends and family, enjoying the decorations, snow, movies, hot chocolate etc. so much more. All of the sudden, Christmas Day is almost here.

I've already been spoiled by Nick and his family with gifts. I love his family. I got a pair of aloe socks, a pair of socks from American Eagle, lotion, and a book from his grandma at their family Christmas party.

Nick already made me cd with my favorite songs, and a fleece blanket that he picked out the fabric himself and cut and tied the edges too. What a guy.

I'm at my grandma's now, and I fall asleep to the glowing Christmas tree and fire right next to me, wrapped in the blanket from Nick. It is very cozy.

I got to sing in the Messiah. 3 generations from the Limburg family got to sing in it. My grandma has let me lick the brownie bowl, snitch from her delicious cheeseballs, lick the frosting beaters, and eat homemade gingerbread that was extra from the gingerbread house we're making tonight. I'm stuffed to the rafters. She tried to give me hot chocolate too. I said no, because I would pop. I've been helping make the cheeseballs and deliver them to the neighbors, and practicing the duet I'm playing with my aunt Micaela at the family Christmas party on Chrismas Eve, and helping with the 3 little grandkids all day.

I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow at the best mall in the world, and I get to see my first cousin once removed, Mariah at the Christmas party!!!

I hope your Christmas is just as cozy as mine.

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Emily said...

Thanks for staying with us boring little people. It was good to see you. I was thinking about when you and Tash were my only nieces and I wanted to be your favorite aunt more than anything. I also wanted a personalized license plate that read "AUNTY EM." I thought that would be the coolest. Hope your trip home was good. See you soon?