Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day

Yay for Thanksgiving. We are driving 2.5 hours to our friends house to stay over!!! I will read Brisingr on the way. It is the most amazing book ever. And I'll sleep. Oh glorious sleep. And eat until my guts hurt. And take lots of pictures.

I will get to relax. My 15 page paper is turned in, my rundraiser went better than I thought it would, (which is due the day I go back to school after Thanksgiving), I paid back my phonebill, I got lots of hours, so I'm not in the hole anymore. My final exams won't be as hard as I thought they were going to be (and I don't have a final exam in my college class - happy day!)

So all I need to focus on basically is the ACT (which ties my stomach up in knots just thinking about it) and my 15 minute presentation on my 15 page paper. Hopefully it will just be like giving a talk in church, Only, I have never given a talk that long. Oh well. I'm too relaxed to worry about those things. If I finish Brisingr, I can go on to New Moon and Eclipse. Reading relaxes me beyond belief.

Hooray Hooray Lexi is happy

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Nick said...

You are making to much of the ACT! Just study the best you can for it, and be relaxed and you will do fine! I got a 21 and I could not even spell tomorrow until 2 weeks ago... haha