Monday, November 10, 2008


My college psychology teacher is psychotic. (very ironic)
I could tell a million different stories about her and how our whole class complained about her to the principal. She told on a girl in my class that was staring at her. This girl got in trouble. What?! She's in the front of the room talking. We're supposed to be listening to her and taking notes. Of course we're supposed to be looking at her. In fact she gets really angry at her if we flip through our textbooks etc. while she's talking. What else are we supposed to do? She keeps telling us we're going to wish we had her back when we go on to real college.
And she's making us write a 15 page paper, along with a 15 minute presentation on it. And then of course there's final exams. I'm so happy that I'll be done with that horrible class at Christmas. I am throwing myself a party when it's done and over with.
So I'm frantically trying to write this 15 page paper, due the 24th of November. ALA style, summarizing 5 medical journals and stating our opinion. My paper is on schizophrenia. Let me tell you, summarizing medical journals is not fun.
And this is ridiculous. I've talked to real college students and they've never had to do any sort of paper that long. The college speech class's longest speeches were 8 minutes long. *sigh of despair*
The paper and presentation are half my grade. Hopefully it goes over well.
I will be writing frantically until the 24th, trying not to write on my blog or get on facebook...


Emily said...

That is pretty coincidental to have a psycho psychology teacher! I am sorry for your pain. Is it bad that it made me laugh? I really do feel bad for you.

Nick said...

I wish that I could get in to coloring as much as that kid!! haha