Friday, May 23, 2008

What time is it? Summer Time! (Or is it?)

Well, I was super excited about the last day of school...this last quarter of school has been HECK. I was always gone for track, I was always working, no more advisory class (so we had homework we had to do at home), core tests, assemblies, everything was going wrong.
And then I lost my health class textbook, (because somebody stole mine!), and Coach Sheriff was going to have to charge me for it...he said it was $60 and then later found out it was $90 because it was brand new. And we didn't use them! Not once! Do you kknow how many nightmares I had about that stupid textbook? And howmuch I looked for it and almost got a sluff during class (that would have cost me another $25) because I was looking for it for so long during class? I finally found it on the second to last day of school. And I got my grades up because I passed all my core tests with a high grade, I didn't have any lost or late books from the library, no fees, I used up my school lunch money exactly...
I got so many signatures in my yearbook! Sadly, I had to work the night of graduation. But supposedly it was already full 15 minutes before it was supposed to start. So I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyways. And the funny thing is, I felt like I was graduating because I'm moving and I got to sit on the stand with the seniors at smerinary graduation because i played the piano. And the yearbook DVD is really good. Me and Gina hurried and finished everything at work so we could go to the Senior party. There were all these blowup things to play on. There was a dance too. But they kicked everyone but the seniors out at 11:30. The seniors stay all night. But they even kicked Sam out, even though he's s senior, just because he's home-schooled. I think that's wrong.

So Sam, me, Gina, Merial, Kelton, and Kalam went to Kelton's hot tub. It took like an hour for it to heat up, so we got in at 1 am and stayed in for another hour. Then since we didn't get invited to the big girls sleepover party, me, Gina and Merial drove to Gina's house showered off all the chlorine, ate cereal, and then we got to my house at 3 am to sleepover. Gina and Merial wouldn't wake up the next morning. And Merial didn't hear her phone go off super loud every 5 minutes after 6 in the morning. I told Tashi to turn her phone off, but the alarm still kept going off every 5 minutes. We couldn't get signed out at school until noon, so me and Gina played School's Out on Guitar Hero 3 in Mr. Keel's room (on his big projector screen).
Merial had to move that afternoon, so we helped her pack up her room in an hour, and then went and got Sam and Kelton and drove to Cluff's. Ate some yummy stuff, took some funny pictures (that Sam has), and said our last goodbyes. Then I had to go home and clean my room and go to work. That's my realistic last day of school. We were all tired from staying up, it was rainy and depressing, it didn't even feel like summer. And then Merial moved a day earlier than she said. It all kind of hit us that we're going our own separate ways. Sam's going on a mission at the end of the summer, and I'm moving to Illinois. Gina may or may not move to California. Haha I wish our last day of school would have looked like this:

But it's slowly hitting me that I won't get to eat lunch with everyone in the lunch room ever again, or go to my junior prom here, or talk to Brother Rasmussen all the time.
Oh, and David Archuleta didn't win...but I heard he's already signed for a CD. I can't wait for it to come out. I'm just glad he got that far. I voted for him this last time. And I know the votes were really close. But oh well.

Tashi's is Cali right now, with he chorus class, which makes me wish I would've done chorus instead of drama. She gets to go to Magic Mountain and all those fun places. I told her to buy me something from a Hollister store there. That would be so cool! She's going to come back looking all tan and everything. Gina's leaving for Cali tomorrow too to see her mom. I'll just be here...sitting inside because it's too cold, wishing I was in Cali, going to work...doing nothing...(sorry I'm kind of depressed right now)

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