Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Are Family!!! I Got All My Cousins With Me!!!

Yay! I got to actually do something fun for the first time this summer vacation. My mom's little sister and her family came down to our house. Because Gracie Sue's 1st birthday landed on the same day as Memorial day this year. So they came down to celebrate both of the celebrations with us.

It started out with a healthy lunch of subway sandwiches. Then me, Stephen, Jordan, and Tashi played 5-category Balderdash. For like 4 hours. It was intense and serious stuff. We made a lot of inside jokes from that - Tim the sheep, the chlorine explosion on Pluto (treez)...the bloodbath barber...yfawtc (your feet are way too clammy)...abigail fritz's incredible apples...kirkus and glimmer...dhic (disabled homos in California)...waking up to find you married your lover's sister (eegah!)...too much funny stuff to write down...

Of course Gracie had a birthday cupcake. But even though we stripped her down, she barely ate any of it. She looked at it like it was dangerous. Don't you like her face right here?

We went and saw the quilt show contest. Both Tash and my mom entered quilts. Tashi didn't know that she got an award - best design in the junior category. So she was surprised until she saw her quilt. She gets $25 now!!! Don't you love her face?

Good times, good times. Stephen will be 19 in June, and be going on a mission...the 4 oldest cousins...are going our separate ways...the summer Stephen comes back, me and Jordan will have just barely graduated. And then Tashi the next summer. And we'll all go to college and get married and move far away...(just watch, Tashi will get married first out of all 4 of us)

Okay, I know this picture is kind of r-rated(especially of me)...but it shows our real selves...we pull weird faces all day. It's something that runs on this side of the fam (on my other side too actually....)

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