Monday, May 12, 2008

Dances and Parties

This was a really fun day. It was the health fair, so I got to go over to it twice during school. Then there was a dance with O. City at our building. Kelby Caleb asked me to the first dance. I danced with Lorin, Mike Freeman, and Mike Louder too.

(everybody's shoes at Jarom's house)
Me, Gina, and Merial started a chain of people during the macarena and everyone started following us. That was tiring.

(the whole gang, Mike L. is looking at the camera)
And it snowed!!! It was the last day of April! What's up with that? But it didn't ruin the dance.

(Mike W., Rendon, Clancy, Megan, Maili, and Kayla on the couch, Mekensie and Liza on the floor)
And then there was a surprise birthday party for Jarom. Me, Merial, and Kelby Caleb had fun playing with Efra's Raggedy Ann dolls. I had a great time!!!

(Jarom - the birthday boy, holding Kunz -, Liza, Katie, and Jessica)
I was so hyper!!! I had so much pop and cookies at the health fair (of all places), the dance, and then the party.

(Jessica, Katie, and Melissa)
And Gina got off work early so she got to go to the dance and party.

(Kelton, Merial, Gina, Kelby Caleb, and me)
Ya. I want school to end so bad. I'm going to have the best summer.

(Kylie and "Jumbo" they're so cute!)

Kunz and Jumbo were happy to see eachother!!!


Aunty Em said...

How did you all find your shoes when it was time to go? It looks like the bin at the D.I.! Geez.

Looks like fun. Cute friends.

My name is Lexi said...

haha i know mine were bright purple so it was easy

most of those kids are graduating tho...:(