Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Stuff

I got a new cellphone!!! Now that I have a job, I'm paying for it myself. People who know me well, email me and I'll give you the number. It's verizon, and I have unlimited texts with verizon. I have 500 texts with non-verizon users too. I can flip it and text like a computer keyboard. It's so cool! But the second day I had it, I dropped it on the cement. Ah, bum. At least it was only a couple of scratches. Call me!
And these are the new things I got a American Eagle:
These shoes are so CUTE!
I'm going to wear this dress to my sweet 16!
Can't ever have enough tank tops to layer


Anonymous said...

hey these r really cute, oh and nice cell hey if u want u can come cheak out my blog its on tashi's list

My name is Lexi said...

I checked out your blog, and commented!

Anonymous said...

i just went and saw when u get home u have to tell me about ur trip k!!!