Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friendship Needs No Words

I have not been getting along with my parents lately. Trying to work on it though. I'm a very passionate person. My emotions are extreme. I want to hang out with my friends more, my parents think I'm being "no work, all play". Aha maybe I am. But I can't help it. I love being 15 almost 16!!!
Well, the night of the fire, we all got together to hang out. We all went to the North Park. Here I am at the beginning, hugging the magical lamp post.
Sam and Brendon standing on the rock monument at North Park
This is the "squeaky frog" we foung at the park. It was so cute! It was lost and all alone, so we kindly put it in the mud puddles under the swings. But he hopped out. We were very nice to it. But when it got scared, it would squeak. Very, Very cute.
What is this rock, anyway?
Brendon stole my camera and snapped this picture of Liza. She didn't want her picture taken. Great face!
Fun-ness on the jungle gym. Tashi, Brendon, Sam, Liza, Jessica, and me
My "batsu ge-mu" for "take-no-ko-nyokki-nyokki-ki". Well, we were playing the baby bamboo game. Me, Brendon, Tashi, and Sam were playing it. We got so into it, and it got so intense, we stayed even though everybody else left. Whoever lost 3 times had to do a dare. Before we played, I said that if I lost, I'd put my face in the water puddle under the swings. Sam and Brendon didn't believe me. But I lost, and I put my face in the puddle, as pictured above. The second I pull my face up, Brendon says, "Oh darn...a girl put her face in a puddle. Now I have to..."


Anonymous said...

ur so crazy but thats what i luv about u

maika said...
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maika said...



My name is Lexi said...

To Julie: I am very crazy and random. I love my life.

To Maika: 親と仲良くできるようにがんばってるよ!独立記念日だったからred, white, and blueに塗ったの。

Anonymous said...

u should uv got one worth loving
besides being crazy is what u should do