Saturday, July 28, 2007

Longest Road-Trip Ever!!!!

I have about 50 million pictures to post, but seeing as I am on a very long treep, ans I forgot my camea cord, I can't post any of them. We drove 3 days to Quincy, Illinois, to visit our friends. They were in the same English ward as us in Tokyo. Then they had to move to Michigan, then here. Driving through Colorado and Kansas was very boring, but Missouri and Illinois are so green. Now I know why it was so hard for the pioneers to leave this and move to Utah. Like it rains so much here, most people don't water their lawn! There's so many trees! And corn!!! The 1st day we just drove 15 hours straight, through utah and colorado, and stayed in a motel just over the Kansas border. The 2nd day, Thursday, we drove through Kansas and into Missouri. We visited the Independence temple lot, and Liberty Jail. Yesterday, Friday we drove through the rest of Missouri and into Illinois. We saw Adam-ondi-ahman, and Far West. We finally got to our friend's house on Friday evening. And we've been pampered ever since. Today we're going to tour Nauvoo.

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julie said...

that sounds like fun and i cant wait to see ur pics