Monday, July 16, 2007

Friend Time

I'm taking my written driving test this morning over at the library! I hope I pass. So I need to go review right now. So I will keep this short. I've been hanging out with my friends almost everyday. But we're going to Illinois and EFY and then the summer is basically over. So I'm trying to get as much friend time in as I can. My relationship with my parents and my love life that isn't really a love life right now are a mess...I need to work on those.

(above: Eden, Noah, Sam, Cortney, Tashi, Liza, and Kember in the front with her dog, Vince)
(above: Sam driving me to work with Kember and Tashi in his convertible)

(above: Sam and Kember)

(above: Sam, Gina, and Tashi buying shakes and ice cream from me at Larry's)
(above: Gina and Kember are so lovely darlings, lovely!)

(above: Peoplez came to visit me at work!)

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Anonymous said...

do u like ur job???? it loks fun lol