Monday, July 30, 2007

Nauvoo, the City of Joseph

Oh Utah looks so desolate now!!! I don't want to go back!!!

Nauvoo is so amazing. The horse and buggy tour, the Fudge Factory, Bookstore, and the Thanksgiving-dinner-style buffet were fun, but the pageant was the best thing of all.

When they said, "When you're here, we're here" at the beginning, I just thought it was a cheesy line. But they said it again at teh end, And it finally hit me that the pioneers who passed away were supposed to be saying it. and that warm spirit flowed through me. The actor who played Joseph Smith played Hyrum in the movie, "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration". He may not be the best actor ever, but the spirit around hm was so strong, you felt like he was the real Joseph Smith. And the person who played Emma was his wife in real life so that made it more natural and real.

I really liked the part where Joseph and Hyrum were martyred at the end. They didn't have a shooting, but it just explained what happened, and they walked off the stage together with their heads held high and a special light on them.
What made the pageant so good was the peaceful spirit around that place. The pageant felt real. After the pagenat, we got to meet the cast. There was a huge group of people around the actor who played Joseph. When he finally came to shake my hand, he looked straight into my eyes, and firmly shook my one hand with both of his. And he said "Thank you for coming" like he really meant it. And when he squeezed my hand, and jolt went through me, like an electrical shock. And I felt like I was shaking the real Joseph Smith's hands. That feeling stayed with me for a long time.


julie said...

wow, this sounds so cool

Ribeka Ashimine said...

How an amazing event you were there, Lexi!! Hi, this is sister Ribeka Ashimine. How have you been there?

Here, Tokyo gets a bit hot summer, so I cannot survive to be here....

You must enjoy being over there to go to Navoo and see the pagent of Jeseph Smith don't you? sounds so great fun and I'm glad for you.

Well, I got to go now. Talk to you later and enjoy your summer!!

My name is Lexi said...

Nauvoo is so cool!!!You guys really need to go

julie said...

i wish i could we never go any where