Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Life Right Now

Whew! I took me a while to recover from my sleep deprivation from YCC. We talked about so much to our parents that they wanted to send us back just to get rid of us haha. Well, I finally cleaned my room and put in my bed. Now I just have to put in the finishing touches. Even though only me and Tashi sleep in that room, we have room for 3-4 more people to sleep on beds! It's perfect for sleepovers. Well, here are some random pictures of my life right now:

(above:) F 3rd Ward YW!!! Sorry that people were squished in the back!

(above:) Yes, I took this darling picture of my cousin, Eliza. She's my mom's younger sister Micaela's 2nd daughter.

(above:) This is my cousin, Emily. She's my mom's younger brother Paul's oldest.

And when we were down in St. George, we went to the mall. That's when Sam and Noah bought matching shirts.
I bought these things at American Eagle:

And I bought a pair of shorts, but I couldn't find the picture. They are like grey sweat pants, but they only come to the knee, and the hems are ribbed. There's a tiny back pocket. I like them. They're comfy!!!

I still ahve to post pictures of when the Cowdell's came to visit!


julie said...

wow, uv bin busy and well i hope u caught up on ur sleep

My name is Lexi said...

actually, i thought i had gotten caught up on my sleep, but i hadn't. i got sick during the middle of the night on saturday. when i don't eat healthy and don't get enough sleep for a certain amount of time...i get sick. so i've been trying to drink lots of water, be more careful about what i eat, and going to bed earlier.