Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday was our farewell party for G'ma and G'pa, who are going to Guatemala on a mission. Both of them gave a talk during sacrament meeting. Because it was Memorial Day weekend, hardly any people from our ward were there. But we had about 100 relatives show up for this sacrament meeting, so it was like "Lexi's Family Ward". Me, Tashi, and our 2 cousins Stephen & Jordan sang "Song of Testimony" by Janice Kapp Perry between the talks. But when we were practicing, Stephen said "Those who thirst shall drink no more"instead of "Those who drink shall thirst no more", but we got it right in the real thing. After church, all those relatives came to our house for dinner. We played games with Stephen & Jordan and our cousins once removed, Ali & Christian that are our age. Most people went right home after the dinner, but my parents siblings and their kids stayed and we took family pictures:

Wow!!! Stephen!!!
Major Beaver Face!!!

4 Freaky Cousins

Hiding in the grape vines

L Family

34 people

Lexi's family

Daddy, Mommy, Lexi, Tashi, Mia, Noah, Gracie

Cutest Cousins Ever

Emma & Emily

L family


And after all those people left, Me, Stephen, Tashi, and Jordan had a sleepover!We jumped on the trampoline way too much. We were playing Dead Man, and this one time I was it. I'm usually really careful, and can tell when I'm getting close to the edge, but this time I didn't. One leg went right through the springs. My body flipped over, and when I opened my eyes, I was hanging upside down. I turned my head a little, and it was like an inch away from one of those big metal poles holding the trampoline up. It was so crazy and fun and I almost died so I just started laughing. I freaked the other 3 out. They thought I had hit my head and I had gone crazy!

We told scary stories late at night in the barn. The next morning I went ATVing for the first time in my life. It took me a while, but I finally got used to driving one. I had so much fun!!! Thank you Kesslers!!! Oh, and that phonecall between Stephen and Shunichiro...I almost died from laughing!!! It went kind of like this:

Stephen: How are your English studies?
Stephen:Is English hard?
Shunichiro:Of course!
Shunichiro:Do you like *pasue* feitasu?
Stephen:Feitasu!Of course!

Then we went to the pool and watched "Night at the Museum" which is way more boring the 2nd time you watch it.


GRodenberg said...

LOVE your fam picture! so cute. how fun to be around so much family! we are jealous!

My name is Lexi said...

We took this because my grandparents are going on a mission, and when they get back, my cousin Stephen will be on his.

It's so hard to take a family picture with that many little kids.

Aunty Em said...

So what is feitasu? sounds yummy.

Those family pictures are great. Who took them? That is a ton of people. I especially like the one of just your fam. You look really pretty.

My name is Lexi said...

It's a brand of sports pad. You know like for when you have sore muscles? I love that word!