Saturday, June 09, 2007

Larry's Drive-In

Okay. I'll tell you about my new job. I wanted to start working at Arby's (there are like no other options). But a girl in my ward named Kortney, who is exactly 1 year younger than me to the day, says that she was working there and it wasn't so good. The boss is Hispanic, and there's nothing wrong with that, but most of the staff are Hispanic too, and there's communication problems, etc...and the other few Caucasian girls just swore all day. Supposedly it wasn't a very good atmosphere. So she told me to work at Larry's, which is right next door to Arby's. So I put in my job application, and got a call the next day. Monday the 3rd was my 1st day. It was hard getting used to things, but now I'm doing okay. Lot's of weird people come in. We only get about 1/3 of the people compared to Arby's. Can't believe how many people pull in, then all of the sudden pull out again and drive over to Larry's. Or the guy who came up to the drive-in and I said, "Hi, welcome to Larry's! Order when you're ready!" and he goes, "I'm still thinking" and all of the sudden he drives off too!!!! What the heck?! Anyways, here are some funny stories from working there:
  1. A guy comes up to the drive-in. He says, "I want 2 cheeseburgers with no pickles and 2 cheeseburgers with ......" We couldn't hear him. So we ask him to repeat what he said, and again we can't hear the last part. When we ask him again (and we have our ears pressed up against the intercom by now so we can hear), he yells NO ONIONS! It was so loud, we all jolted and fell back. haha it was one of those you had to be there stories.
  2. A huge family comes in and they order about 15 cheeseburgers. And each cheeseburger they want something different. (This one no pickles, this one extra onions etc...). We give them their order, but they come back and tell us that they hadn't ordered that many burgers and that we charged them too much. And they kept going on and on about how we got some of the burgers wrong, and they go, "And there's cheese on this cheeseburger!" I almost started laughing my head off right there. And they had ordered that many burgers, I sware! Me and another girl both took the cash register so there's 2 witnesses! But how stupid do you have to be? Just get a plain hamburger!
  3. And I don't know how many of you have watched the Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan in it, but on that show a woman comes in for therapy, and she's speaking incoherent jibberish so you can't understand her. Well, a guy came in that did just that. He kept talking to himself: "I don't know what I want...aihaibhgoabh m,bn xvm.jhaihg...he'll have to pay me back....alsjgbajlbhwmeyni..." and when I finally understood his order, I told him his total. But he just stood there doing nothing. He wasn't getting his wallet out or anything. So I repeated it, and he goes, "I KNOW!!!" Geez! I just thought he hadn't heard or something.
And I have plenty more stories to tell you. But I'll stop there. I wonder if this is just because it's Fillmore, or if it happens everywhere. And lots of people who come inhave to ask my age. Oh, and yesterday, Saturday, I was supposed to have the 4:30-9 pm shift, but a girl got fired in the morning shift. And Scott and Laura (2 people I work with) called me to come in because they like me! (Laura told me so. It made me happy). And I had only worked 3 days. But the people in the night shift were mean to me just because I'm new. But anyways, I was at Larry's from 12:40 PM to 10:10 PM last night. I almost passed out!!! A huge annoying family came in at 9pm,just at closing time. And they were being all apologetic and stuff, but they didn't do take-out!!!=mad Lexi! I had already started to clean, and I couldn't clean for the 30 stinking minutes they were there, and then when they left, I had to start all over again. Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh! Just letting off some stress here. So I almost died. Be glad that I'm still alive.

above: Love this pic. I took it while me and Tash were waiting at the hospital for Gracie to be born.
2 of my dad's sisters, Natalie and Emily, both got big burns on their arms from the oven. They were making Costco pizza together, and the oven caught on fire. This picture was actually taken 1 week after they got burned so Emily's burn looks good.


Aunty Em said...

Nat said my burn looked wimpy. I think it's just because I took care of mine and she didn't.

The Drive-in sounds awesome! I think it is so great to have a job as a teenager, to be responsible and independant and have really good stories to tell of your experiences. I never worked in food, except the grocery store, but I worked in the video/cust service so very rarely did I come in contact with food. I think way funnier things happen with food. I did get to sell ammo and hunting licenses. Dip Dip DOO!! (that is my sound effect for hicks.)

My name is Lexi said...

Whenever you're in Fillmore, you should come to Larry's.
Wokring with food can be crazy, but fun!